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Setting Up Your Voicemail

Discover how to set up your VoIP voicemail.

Setting Up Voicemail

Customers for voicemail service must possess a valid UB phone number and a voicemail PIN. Your initial PIN is meant only to let you set up your service; you should change it during the setup process.

Mailbox parameters can be changed at the request of a mailbox owner on behalf of himself/herself or by proxy from either the department IT Node Director or a trusted contact with which the department has an established relationship.

  1. Press Messages.
  2. Enter the initial voicemail PIN 828648986 followed by #. Your voicemail PIN cannot be your telephone number;  the same digits, such as 4444 or a sequence of digits, such as 12345.
  3. From Set Up Options, record your name, greeting and change your voicemail PIN.

Changing a Phone You Inherit

If you inherit your phone from a previous employee, you may need to submit a request to change the information associated with it.

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