Using Webex with Jabber

Operating System: Windows, Macintosh

Applies to: UB faculty and staff

Last Updated: August 12, 2020

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About Webex

Cisco Webex is a web conferencing tool available to UB faculty, staff and students that enables fully interactive video and audio connections with people locally and around the world.

Webex offers a number of suites with specialized tools such as Meetings, Training, Events, and Support.

Cisco Jabber works with Webex Meetings to provide video capabilities with Chats, and to allow you to easily access Webex Meetings from your desktop.

Webex Events panelists can use Jabber to join with video to provide an optimal video experience.

Meeting Types

Join in Jabber

Joining a Webex Meeting in Jabber allows you to take advantage of voice, video, and screen sharing from your Jabber client.

Available meeting controls include:

  • See the active speaker
  • See the participant list
  • Assign meeting host
  • Mute/Unmute
  • End Meeting
  • Lock Meeting
  • Start/Stop Recording

If you join a Webex Meeting as part of group chat or in a Room, you'll still be able to chat and share files with the others in the chat or Room, just like being on a call with another Jabber user.

This capability is ideal for team communications, ad-hoc team collaboration, or meetings that need only audio, video, and screen sharing.

Some content from the Webex Meeting is limited to those who have joined from Webex directly, and vice-versa.

At this time, the following features of a Webex Meeting are not available when joining a meeting in Jabber:

  • Content shared from Webex Meetings application (not screen or application sharing) such as:
    • Whiteboard
    • Uploaded presentation
  • Files shared in the Webex Meetings application
  • Chat from the Webex Meetings application
  • Polls

If a collaborator or external participant has joined from the Webex Meetings application, you will not see each others chats or files, as they are contained to the Jabber or Webex environments that each participant is in.

Join in Webex

Cisco Jabber can start or join a full-featured Webex Meeting using the Webex Meetings Application (included with your installation of Cisco Jabber).

Use this functionality if you prefer the Webex Meetings application, or need additional features such as:

  • Presenter and Host Assignment (passing the ball)
  • Chat with non-Jabber users
  • Share files with non-Jabber users
  • Polls
  • Whiteboards

Using Webex with Jabber

Jabber works with Webex Meetings to easily escalate from an instant message into a meeting with voice, video, and content sharing.

Your meeting information can be shared with guests and those not using Jabber to facilitate outside contacts.

Set Up The Meeting Service

Jabber needs to know how to talk to Webex to take advantage of many of the integrated features.

Jabber for Windows / Jabber for Mac

Cisco Jabber for Windows and Cisco Jabber for Mac both will pop open a window to sign in to the meeting service when you first sign in.

Options > Meetings > Set Up Account.

Enter your email address to sign into Webex. After a successful sign-in, this window will close and Jabber will retain a token allowing you to use Webex.

If you have closed this window, you can set up your meeting account by viewing Options > Meetings and clicking Set Up Account.

Click the button, then click OK on the dialog that opens to open the sign-in window.

Jabber for iOS / Jabber for Android

select webex site from the avatar.

Both Jabber for iOS and Jabber for Android can take advantage of Webex meetings.

Jabber mobile does not pop up a sign in box - to connect to Webex, press the avatar at the top left of the application and select Webex Site from the service list:

Press in the Choose a Meeting Site option and sign in. The service will display a check mark when connected, and features will be available in the application.

Starting A Meeting

Host a Webex meeting with colleagues and collaborators with Cisco Jabber. The option to start a meeting is not available if you have not set up the meeting service.

Start from a Chat


  1. Click on the additional options icon at the upper right of the conversation window, and select Webex meeting.
  2. If you don't need full meeting capabilities, place a call. Jabber to Jabber calls allow voice, video, and screen sharing.


Tap the name of the person you are chatting with and select Webex Meeting. If you don't need full meeting capabilities, place a call. Jabber to Jabber calls allow voice, video, and screen sharing.

Start from a Group Chat or Room

Starting a call from a group chat or Room will invite all participants to the meeting. If you only want to work with a group of persons, create a new meeting or group chat from your Roster.


Click on the Phone icon at the upper right of the conversation window. If you've set up the meeting service, a Webex Meeting will begin in Jabber.

To start a full featured Webex Meeting, select the additional options icon and choose Webex meeting.


  1. Tap the name of the group chat and choose Conference Call.
  2. If you have set up the meeting service, a Webex Meeting will begin in Jabber. To start a full featured Webex Meeting, select Webex Meeting instead.

Start a Meeting Directly

(Jabber Desktop Clients only) If you set up the Meeting service, you can launch a Webex Meeting immediately by clicking Start Meeting in the Meetings tab. Webex Meetings will open into your personal room, and you can ask others to join.

(All Clients) You can also call into your personal room by dialing <alias> and entering your host PIN to start the meeting.

Joining A Meeting

Join from the Meetings list

Your Meetings list shows meetings from either your email client (not available on Jabber Mobile) or from Webex scheduled meetings where Webex knows you are the host, or an attendee.

The Join Webex button appears 5 minutes before a meeting for Jabber 12.7.1, or 15 minutes before a meeting for Jabber 12.9.

Join to join meeting.

You can choose to Join in Jabber or Join in Webex, whichever you need or prefer, by selecting your preference at the bottom right of the Meetings list.

Join from the Meeting reminder

By default, Jabber will also open a toast for you to join the meeting as a reminder.

Join in Webex.

If you have another Webex application installed, they may also open a reminder. Either close those applications, or, if needed, disable meeting pop-ups in the Meetings settings of the Jabber application.

Choose your preference as to how to join this meeting by using the drop down arrow to the right of the word Join.

Join by Call

If you have the meeting information, but it is not on your calendar, you can join a Webex Meetings (not Training, Events, nor Support) from Jabber by calling in to the meeting.

UB Webex Meetings can be called in the format shown below by entering this information in the search bar and pressing Call, like a normal phone call.

Webex Personal Room meetings are often in the format of <ubitname>, however you may change your personal room alias at the Webex site.

If in doubt, contact the meeting organizer or refer to the meeting invitation. The alias can be seen after the url in the format of<alias> for example

Personal Room Meetings

<personal room alias> for example

Meeting Number

<9-digit meeting number> e.g.,


*99<9-digit meeting number> e.g., *99800412838

Scheduling a Meeting

Scheduling a Meeting in Jabber requires the Webex Meeting application - consult with IT Staff.  This application can be installed with installer flags which will keep the application suppressed from appearing on the workstation or opening meeting reminders, while still supporting scheduling in Outlook.

Schedule a meeting from Jabber Desktop clients in one of two ways:

  • Select Schedule Meeting from the Meetings tab
  • Right click on a contact, contacts, or roster group and select Schedule Meeting

Things To Do in a Meeting

Meetings, like chats, can be between individuals or groups, and can include external participants.

Manage Your Meeting

advanced controls allow mute, unmute, remove participant.

When Jabber recognizes that you've joined a Webex Meetings meeting, it will switch to ActiveControl mode.

You'll see Conference in the conversation window, and a participants list that allows you to take advantage of advanced controls to mute, unmute, or remove a participant. You can also make a participant the meeting host before leaving the meeting.

more allows you to lock room, record, mute and unmute video or share screen.

In addition to the meeting controls to mute and unmute audio and video, and share your screen, Webex Meetings gain additional controls from Jabber to Lock the meeting, or start and stop recording.

Take Control with Full Featured Meetings

Select the Webex Meetings icon to open the Webex Meetings application for additional control and features. Webex Meetings will open and join as a new meeting participant.

  • If you're the meeting host, when you end the call in Jabber be sure to choose Leave Meeting and elect a new host.
  • If you need host control in Webex Meetings, regain host control with the Host PIN in the meeting application.

Personal Meeting Room meetings do not require a Host PIN to regain control. Select Reclaim Host Role from the Participant menu.

Have a Group Video Call

Once you've set up the meeting service, select the Call icon from the top right of a group chat or Rooms chat to start a video call. Participants will be invited to the call within Jabber.

If you need more power, click the Webex Meeting icon instead to start your meeting.

The other group participants will be invited to the meeting by Jabber.

Invite a Guest

Guests can join Webex Meetings to attend your team meetings or collaborate using voice, video, and content.

Verify your meeting preferences in Jabber by browsing to Options > Meetings.

Click the link to set up or change your meeting options.

From My Webex, see your preferences for your personal meeting information.

If you opt to change the Meet Now settings to another meeting type, you'll need to open the Webex Meeting by clicking the Webex icon to get your meeting information for an instant meeting.

If you schedule the meeting ahead of time, the meeting details are available in the meeting invitation.

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