Voicemail Notification to Email

You can choose to be notified by your UB email when you have a new voice message.

This service is ideal for people who are away from their desk. 

Used in conjunction with Single Number Reach (SNR), you can answer incoming calls on any UB phone or your personal cell phone.  

What Does the Notification Contain?

Unlike the voicemail forwarding to email, the voice message is not attached to the notification. The notification will include the follwowing in your email:

  • The count of new messages flagged as urgent by the caller
  • A total count of new messages
  • The caller ID of the most recent new message received with the time and date

For example:

A new voice message has been delivered

Urgent Voice Count: 1

Voice Count: 5

Voice message from 7165551212 received 11:31 AM 11/10/16 

This can also be self-managed by logging into the Web Inbox and selecting Settings to access the Messaging Assistant Web Tool.  

Request Voicemail Notification to Your Email

Contact your departmental IT administrator to request voicemail notification to your UB email (IT staff should use the Request Telephone Service form instead).

Contact the UBIT Help Center

You may also send us an email, or use the UBIT Help Center Online (login required).

(xxx) xxx-xxxx
Use your @buffalo.edu email ONLY if you have access to it