Forwarding UB Voicemail to Email

UB voicemail customers who would prefer an alternative way to receive voice messages may request to have their UB voicemail automatically forwarded to their UB email address.

Provide a description of your request in the Additional Information field.

Common Questions

Do a copy of my messages stay in my UB voicemail?

No. The forwarding option prevents voicemail from reaching your voice mailbox, instead relaying it to Exchange and storing it in your UB email Inbox.  The new message light on your phone will therefore no longer light when new voicemail is received.

What format will my voicemail messages be delivered in?

A .WAV file, playable in most media players.

Are Dental School customers eligible to use UB voicemail to email forwarding?

No, due to  HIPAA regulations, they should use the Voicemail Notification to Email service instead.

May I forward my UB voicemail to a email address?

No, only addresses may be used.

Are there other ways for faculty/staff who are frequently away from their desk to access voicemail ?

Cisco Jabber for Mobile (iOS, Android) provides access to your UB Phone, UB Voicemail, and more, on or off campus, from any device. You may also access UB voicemail remotely.

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