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Sending Voicemail to Private Groups

Learn how to create a private group list so you can send a message to multiple voicemail boxes. The group list can be used only by the creator of the list.

Creating a Private List

  1. Log in to your voicemail
  2. Press 4 Setup a list > 2 Message settings > 4 Edit private lists > 2 Change Names in a private list
    1. Using the keypad enter a number for your list from 1 through 99
    2. Follow setup instructions and using the keypad, enter either
      1. User by name
      2. Or press ## and enter phone number
    3. Enter * to end entry
    4. Follow voice prompts to repeat each addition
  3. Press * four times to return to main menu or hang up to end

Managing Your List

Once a list is created it can  be edited by

  • Adding/removing participants in the list or
  • Changing the list name (number)

Sending a Message to Your List

  1.  Log in to your voicemail
  2. Press 2 Create a message
  3.  ##  to search by extension and list number
  4. Press  your-group-number > Press  #
  5. Follow prompts to Create message and Send message

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