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The University at Buffalo is best able to support your use of computers and other hardware in your role at the university if you follow UB standards and recommendations.

As a UB student, you are required to have access to a computer. Your computer should meet UB's computing standards. Evaluate your current computer or the computer that you would buy.
Find and purchase computers, mobile devices and other electronic equipment for your personal use directly from licensed sellers.
If you are faculty or staff, your department may allow you to order computers, mobile devices and other electronics.
Discover which of the university’s information technology and online resources you can and cannot use with common smartphones and tablets.
The Students Needing Assistance Program (SNAP) helped qualified students obtain their own computer. Learn how to remain eligible for your SNAP loan, and how to remove a SNAP-related hold on your student account.
In compliance with UB’s official policies, ensure that your computer and its security measures stay current to protect yourself from new threats.
Broken devices? Shattered iPhone? Get your personal or department-owned computer or device repaired by VITEC Solutions, without leaving campus.
Explore methods and guidelines for recycling used computers and electronics, including your personal equipment and equipment owned by the university.

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