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6. Configure with UB Secure Wi-Fi

Stay connected securely at UB. Use the UB Secure WiFiSetup wizard anywhere and connect to UB Secure Wi-Fi the minute you arrive on campus.

What is UB Secure WiFiSetup?

The on-campus UB Secure Wi-Fi network keeps all of your information encrypted, away from scammers. If you've tried configuring UB Secure in the past, but found the manual steps confusing, UB Secure WiFiSetUp offers a quick and easy alternative.

UB Secure WiFiSetup uses a simple configuration wizard to set up your devices. Once you follow the steps, your mobile device will automatically connect safely to UB Secure whenever it's on campus.

Set Up UB Secure Wi-Fi...Anywhere!

Configure your device for UB Secure WiFiSetup today...from home, or anywhere (on or off campus)! You will only need to authenticate once using your UBITName and password, and it's entered automatically for you from then on. The next time you're on UB's campus (with Wi-Fi enabled), UB Secure Wi-Fi will connect as your default network.

Can Everyone Use UB Secure WiFiSetup?

The UB Secure network is only available to current UB students and employees, but visiting family and friends can connect to Wi-Fi using UB Guest.

UBSecure WiFiSetup is:

  • Compatible with: Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP, Macintosh OS 10.5+, iOS 2+ and Android 2.3+
  • Not compatible with: Windows Phone, Nook Color, Kindle Fire, and Blackberry (without a data plan)

If your device isn't compatible (or older, not supported), or you have trouble using the wizard, manual configuration instructions are still available.


If you followed all of these steps, you are ready for a smooth transition when you come to UB.

Don't hesitate to contact or visit the CIT Help Desk if you have questions or problems.