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Set Up Drivers for Mac

Administrative HUB Staff: You must set options prior to connecting to the remote computer if you intend to access resources on your local computer during your remote session, including your printer, USB drives, mapped drives or your clipboard. You may also customize display and performance options.

  1. Launch the Remote Desktop Connection program (Finder > Applications > Remote Desktop Connection).
  2. In the Menu Bar (anchored to the top of the screen), click RDC > Preferences.
  3. The Preferences window opens.
  4. To make your local (Mac's) hard drive and removable drives available during your remote session, click the Drives tab, then select All disk drives from the dropdown menu.
  5. To make your local (Mac's) connected printers available during your remote session, click the Printers tab. Make sure the box is checked next to Use a printere that is connected to the Mac. From the dropdown menu, select the printer you wish to use, or select All printers.
  6. Click the red circle in the upper left of the Preferences window when you have finished setting your options (it is not labeled). The window closes.
  7. To save these settings for future connections, in the top Menu Bar click File > Save. If you do not save the settings at this time, you will be given another opportunity to save them when you exit the remote session. The next time you launch the Remote Desktop Connection, your most recently saved settings will be used.

You are ready to connect.

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