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UBIT SECURITY ALERT, 10/6/15: UB Administrator Phish 06-Oct-2015

Administrative Access to HUB for Support Staff

UB has adopted a more secure login process (called two-factor authentication) for accessing HUB administrative functions.

Need non-administrative access to HUB?

Go to MyUB.

Department Heads: Purchase Software Tokens or Fobs

Departments determine the type of token an employee needs and arrange for a software token or fob once the employee completes their security training and is pre-authorized for administrative access to HUB.

  • Send email to purchase software tokens or fobs - For each person, please include:
    • UBITName of staff member in need of a token
    • Staff member's supervisor's name
    • Supervisor's title
    • Supervisor's campus phone number
    • Department staff member works for
    • Software token or hardware fob
    • The account number to be charged for the software token or fob

Before You Begin

This process of two-factor authentication requires preparation:

  1. Your completion of the Handling Data Safely training
  2. Pre-authorization for HUB administrative access from the HUB Leads
  3. Either a software token (installed by your system administrator) or a fob
  4. A PIN
  5. Your UBITName and password

Learn How to Connect

How you connect depends on who owns the computer you use and your department's policy:

UB-Owned Computers

Connect from your office computer or a laptop you take home. IT Staff set up your computer for you.

Personally-Owned Computers

Install the software you need and set up your printers and drives, then connect.

Reset Your RSA Token PIN

You may change your PIN online by following the instructions to Reset Your RSA Token. You will need the UBITName and password associated with the token, and the token itself.

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