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Students living in residence hall rooms and campus apartments enjoy access to ResNet, UB's lightning-fast wired Ethernet connection. Learn what you need, how to connect and how to configure multiple devices.

Faster Than Wi-Fi

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Connecting wtih ResNet is 1,000 times faster than using a Wi-Fi connection. Your connection is always strong, so you'll never worry about a weak signal.

Bring Your Own Ethernet Cable

Ethernet cable

To connect to ResNet, you'll need to purchase your own Ethernet cable. Cables should be 25 feet or longer, to allow for flexibility in the positioning of furniture in your room. Each residence hall room and campus apartment has one Ethernet port per occupant.

Multiple Devices? Bring a Router

Example of a router

If you have more than one device to connect, you will want to buy a router and bring it with you. You can plug the router into the provided Ethernet jack, and then plug your devices into the router. If you bring a wireless access point/router, please be sure to disable the Wi-Fi capabilities.

Configuration Instructions

Choose your device/operating system to learn how to connect to ResNet:

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