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Connecting on Campus using UB Secure with Mac OS X 10.7 +

Configure your Mac OS X 10.7 or higher computer for a secure connection to the UB Wi-Fi network on campus.

These instructions are only for Macintosh computers running Mac OS X 10.7 and higher.

See directions for connecting with Mac OS X 10.6 and below instead.

Connecting to Wi-Fi on Campus

UB Secure is the recommended access choice for connecting to UB's campus Wi-Fi network. Your UBITName and password and all data transmitted from your device to the wireless access point (the campus network) are encrypted.

Downloading and Installing the Preferences File

Use UB Secure WiFiSetup instead to configure and stay automatically connected anytime you’re on campus.


Use the manual instructions below only if UB Secure WiFiSetup doesn't work for your device.

In order to use UB Secure wireless from Mac OS X 10.7 or higher you must install the UB_Secure.mobileconfig preferences file.

1.  Download UB_Secure.mobileconfig  file  and save on the Desktop.

2.   Double click on UB_Secure.mobileconfig on the Desktop. This will launch the Profile System Preference.

3.  Click Continue.

Click image to enlarge screenshot of step 3.

4.  Click Continue to confirm you want to install the profile.

Click image to enlarge screenshot of step 4.

5.  Enter your UBITName and UBIT password in the Username and Passsword fields of the Settings dialog and click Install. If you prefer, you can leave these blank and enter them each time you want to connect.

Click image to enlarge screenshot of step 6.

6.  Enter your system password (not your UBIT password) when requested to allow the Configuration Profile Tool to make changes.

7.  Close the Configuration Profile Tool.

8.  Select Apple menu > System Preferences > Network Preferences.

9.  Select Wi-Fi from the network list in the left column. Turn Wi-Fi on, if it is not already on, then in the Network Name field, select Join Other Network.

10.  Fill in the fields as described:

  • In the Network Name field, enter UB_Secure.
  • In the Security field, select WPA2 Enterprise.
  • In the Mode field, select Automatic (Mac OS X 10.7 only)
  • Enter your UBITName in the Username field.
  • Enter your UBIT password in the Password field.
  • Check Remember this network.

Click image to enlarge screenshot of step 10.

11.  Click Join.

12. Click Apply.

Still need help?

Don't know your UBITName or password? Call 716-645-3542, visit one of our two walk-in locations, or send a message.

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