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About UB's Network

Learn about the different networks available at UB, and when you should use them.

Want to connect?

For instructions, see Connecting to the UB Network with Your Device.

UB does not limit your data usage.

Wi-Fi Networks

UB Secure

UB Secure is the recommended, secure access choice for UB's campus network. Your UBITName and password and all data transmitted from your device to the wireless access point (the campus network) are encrypted, so you can feel safe whether you are registering for classes, making an online purchase or adding money to your UB Card.

UB Wireless

UB Wireless is an on-campus non-secure choice. You should only connect to UB Wireless when you need to connect to the UB Network and you cannot configure your device for UB Secure.

You must authenticate with your UBITName and password after connecting when you browse or connect to a new location. Because it is not secure, no secure transactions should be completed on UB Wireless.

UB Guest

The UB Guest Wi-Fi service is for UB guests and visitors only. Guests and visitors can access the network by logging in with any email address. Wi-Fi service is limited to your Web browser and is unprotected.

UB Gaming

UB Gaming is a special Wi-Fi service to connect gaming consoles and media devices that can't use UB Secure because the device can't do Web authentication or 802.1x protocols. UB Gaming is available campus wide but used primarily within UB's Residence Halls and Apartments. Just like UB Secure, UB Gaming transmissions to the campus network are encrypted. There are special instructions for connecting to UB Gaming that require knowing the MAC address of your gaming or media device.

Having trouble connecting to UB Secure Wi-Fi from your laptop? See if you accidentally added UB Gaming as a network, and if so, remove it. You should not connect to UB Gaming from a laptop.


At UB, eduroam is the Wi-Fi network for visitors from other institutions that participate in eduroam. It allows them to connect to Wi-Fi without needing a guest account, and provides access to services from their institution.

UB students, faculty and staff should not connect to eduroam at UB. They should use UB Secure instead. When at other schools that participate in eduroam, UB students, faculty and staff can connect to eduroam to access UB services through an encrypted connection.


Wired Networks

Residential Network (ResNet)

ResNet allows you to connect to the UB Network from within UB residence halls and campus apartments using a wired Ethernet connection. To use ResNet, you must purchase a cat-5 Ethernet cable. 20' or longer cables are recommended for ease in arranging furniture. Each residence hall room or apartment contains one Ethernet jack per occupant.

OpenPort is an access method at UB to connect to the UB Network using publicly accessible network jacks and Ethernet cabling. To use OpenPort, you must purchase a cat-5 Ethernet cable.  

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