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Getting Connected

Learn how to connect securely to the UB network with a Wi-Fi connection, a wired connection from offices and residence halls and from off-campus. UB provides Internet access to all UB students, faculty and staff.

Learn about the different networks available at UB, and when you should use them.
Look up detailed instructions for configuring connections to the UB Network (Wi-Fi and Ethernet) with your computer, mobile or gaming device.
Traveling to other universities? Configure your laptop or mobile device to connect to eduroam, and enjoy access to Wi-Fi and protected UB resources at thousands of participating institutions worldwide. Visiting UB? If your institution participates in eduroam, connect while you're here.
UB Guest is a Wi-Fi network for visitors to UB. It is not secure, and connections are limited to your Web browser.
Learn when to use the UB Connect Wi-Fi network, and how to connect and configure your devices.
Students living in residence hall rooms and campus apartments enjoy access to ResNet, UB's lightning-fast wired Ethernet connection. Learn what you need, how to connect and how to configure multiple devices.
A virtual private network allows you to access certain UB IT services that are normally only available on campus. Find out when you need to use one.
In your university office,  you usually have a wired UB network connection to the Internet. You may also have Wi-Fi access.
There will soon be a shortage of IP addresses. Implementing IPv6 is the solution, and UB has already begun adding IPv6 to our campus network.

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