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Changing File Permissions

Permissions for both Windows and Unix file system files can be managed.

Managing Permission from the Web

Permissions for both Windows and Unix file system files can be managed at

Click on the lock icon displayed to the right of a folder or file listing on any index page to open the permissions management tool.

Windows File Permissions

A Windows file or folder may have multiple owners (groups or individuals) with different permissions.

Modify or add an owner by:

  • checking the owner’s name from the list or entering a new owner’s name in the UBITName or group box
  • selecting the desired permissions
  • choosing the extent of the change (“This change will apply to”)
  • selecting  the Modify or Add button

Unix File Permissions

A Unix file or folder has a single individual owner plus a single group owner.

Current permissions of the individual owner are displayed and can be modified by:

  • Adding checked permissions to current set
  • Removing checked permissions from the current set
  • Replacing the current set with a new set

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