UBUnix is primarily for people who are already knowledgeable with Linux and UNIX based time-sharing environments

UBUnix is an operating system using RedHat Enterprise Server Linux with academic software installed that you can connect to from a personal computing device.

On this page:

Creating a Secure Connection to UB (for Off Campus)

UBUnix only accepts connections from non-UB (remote) locations by affiliated UB faculty, staff and students that are made using secure protocols.

Use Cisco AnyConnect for a Secure Connection

If you are off campus, download and install Cisco AnyConnect once, then run it each time you want to establish a secure connection in order to connect to UBUnix.

Logging Into UBUnix

Accessing UBfs Files from UBUnix

All files in UBFS can be accessed from UBunix:

  • cd  /ubfs to reach the top of the UBFS directory tree.
  • cd  /ubfs/myfiles/ to reach the top of myfiles space
  • cd  /ubfs/myfiles/1st_UBIT_LETTER/2nd_UBIT_LETTER/UBITName/ (where 1st_UBIT_LETTER and 2nd_UBIT_LETTER are the first and second letters of your UBITName) to reach your Myfiles space.
  • cd  /ubfs/collab to reach the top of the Collaboration (shared) directory tree.

Contact the UBIT Help Center

You may also send us an email, or use the UBIT Help Center Online (login required).

(xxx) xxx-xxxx
Use your @buffalo.edu email ONLY if you have access to it