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Collaborate With SharePoint 2010

Use UB's SharePoint 2010 service to create, edit, manage and share collaborative Web-based content as Intranet web sites using Microsoft Office and associated tools, including managing the sharing of online information resources of schools and administrative units. Share documents, pubilsh databases, create libraries and manage related content, using a Web browser.

SharePoint pages are not visible to the public by default, and are not intended for instructional use.


SharePoint 2010 is available to faculty, staff and student acting in a role as staff.


  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.0 or higher
  • Firefox 3.0 or higher
  • Safari 3.0 or higher

Site Naming and Access

Each site's access is managed by a Site Owner, authorized to approve access and permissions.

Sites are named in compliance with naming standards. For example:


Requesting a Site

To request a SharePoint site, fill out the Request Enterprise Infrastructure Services form.

Requesting Access for Content Authors

Faculty, staff, and authorized students acting in a role as staff may, with the permission of the Site Owner, request access to SharePoint as a Content Author by contacting the Site Owner for that site. Applicants must have an active UBITName to be sponsored for access.

Adding Files

Content Authors add files to their department's SharePoint site using the New Document or Upload Document options. Files may be checked out if someone is making changes to a document.

Content authors are responsible for all the materials they post to SharePoint. By default, these materials are not viewable publicly.

All materials in SharePoint must comply with federal copyright law and SUNY's policy on Patents, Inventions and Copyright. All publicly viewable pages must comply with New York State Information Technology policy NYS-P08-005 (Accessibility of Web-Based Applications and Information).

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