Moving Your Files into UBbox (Video)

Learn how to move your content to UBbox.

Faculty/Staff: Has your department already set up the files you need?

Be sure to check with your IT support staff if you are unsure if departmental files have already been added to UBbox.

Operating Systems: Windows, Macintosh

Applies to: UB students, faculty and staff

Last Updated: June 13, 2018

Method 1: Drag-and-Drop to UBbox Using a Browser

Step 1: Connect to UBfs (Optional)

  • Log into any Computing Sites computer and navigate to your S: drive
  • Choose a method to connect to UBfs (Windows | Mac)

Step 2: Add Your Files to UBbox

Launch your favorite browser and log into UBbox.

  • To upload one or more files:
    • With both your Explorer (Windows) or Finder (Mac) and browser windows visible, select and drag files onto the UBbox file list. The area will turn gray, and an upload progress bar will appear.
  • To upload entire folders (requires a "mapped" connection to UBfs if uploading UBfs):
    1. In your browser, click the blue Upload button and click Select Folders
    2. A window asking "Do you want to run this application?" will appear. Click Run, or install Java updates if necessary
    3. The Folder Uploader - Fetchbox window appears.
    4. Click Add Files
    5. Navigate to the folder you want to upload and select it. Repeat this step as necessary.
    6. Click Upload. An Upload progress bar will appear.

Method 2: Install Box Sync

Step 1: Connect to UBfs (Optional)

  • Choose a method to connect to UBfs (Windows | Mac)

Step 2: Install Box Sync on Your Computer

Step 3: Drag and Drop Your Files to Your Box Sync Folder

Box Sync will automatically upload them to UBbox! 

Method 3: FTP (Advanced)

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