Accessibility Options for UBbox

Learn about, the accessible version of UBbox optimized for use with screen readers, keyboards and other assistive technologies.

Common Questions

What are the available features for supports the primary features of Box, including preview and download access to files and folders, sharing and configuring links to files and folders, adding and managing collaborators, viewing and making comments, and managing files and folders.

What are the supported browsers for Box applications? How does deal with browsers without JavaScript or CSS?

Box recommends using the most current version of web browsers (see the list of officially supported browsers at Box). The site degrades depending on your browser's support for JavaScript and CSS, but continues to display the basic information required to view files and folders.

Does support screen readers? is intended to work with the leading screen reading technology providers, including VoiceOver. Screen readers attempt to identify and interpret what is being displayed on the screen and convey that information via text-to-speech to customers who are visually impaired.

Does provide keyboard access? provides keyboard accessibility, which enables you to use your keyboard exclusively (with no mouse). Features:

  • Removal of all menu items that are enabled via mouse "hovering."
  • Re-ordering of all menu structures to maintain a logical reading order. 
  • Enabling of visible focus, which helps people with visual or other print-related disabilities have a clear indicator of where they are on a page.
  • Providing a short-cut that enables a user to immediately "skip to content" they are trying to view, letting them bypass repeated menu elements.

Does provide low-vision color contrast? is designed with low vision and color-blind user needs in mind. allows for text resizing, with up to 200% magnification. The site has also been tested for color contrast, with contrast ratios set at a minimum of 4.5:1.

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