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Accessing UBfs from Off-campus

If you want to access UBfs (UB file service) from your Windows computer from off campus, you have two choices: create a share with WebDav or map a drive, like the drives already on your computer for your DVD player or hard disk.

You can map a drive to UBfs on your computer that you can use to easily access your Myfiles space if you are connecting using UB Secure Wi-Fi or from off campus. A mapped drive will allow you to associate a drive you use on your computer with UBfs.
A WebDav share allows you to access files on a remote Web server from your computer. By creating a WebDAV share that links to UBfs, you can edit and manage files stored on UBfs. You can create a WebDAV share if you are connecting with a computer from off campus, within ResNet or using UB Secure Wi-Fi.

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