Accessing UBfs Using WebDAV from Windows

A WebDav share allows you to access files on a remote Web server from your computer. By creating a WebDAV share that links to UBfs, you can edit and manage files stored on UBfs. You can create a WebDAV share if you are connecting with a computer from off campus, within ResNet or using eduroam Wi-Fi.

  1. Choose your operating system:
    • Windows 8:
      1. From the Start screen, select the Desktop tile
      2. From the Desktop, select the Computer icon.
      3. Select the Computer menu.
    • Windows 10:
      • From the Start menu or by clicking the File Explorer icon , select This PC
  2. Select Add a Network Location.
  3. The Add a Network Location wizard will open. Click Next.
  4. Select Choose another Network Location or Choose a Custom Location. Click Next.
  5. In the Internet or Network Address field enter: (This is not a typo.)
  6. Click Next.
  7. Enter ad\UBITName and your password. If you have a departmental account, enter itorg\MyITorg and password where MyITorg is your departmental account name.
  8. Enter a meaningful name for this link to your folder, such as ubfs. Click Next.
  9. Click Finish.
  10. A window will open to the topmost area in UBfs. Only the folders to which your have permission will be displayed.
  11. To go to your UBfs MyFiles space, click:
    1. myfiles
    2. The first letter of your UBITName
    3. The second letter of your UBITName
    4. Your UBITName.
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