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Keeping Your UBmail after Graduation


Find out how to keep your UBmail after you graduate.

Keeping your email after graduation depends on your degree conferral date and your decision on whether to opt in with the Alumni Association.

Opt In to Keep Your Address

if you graduated June 1998 or later, you are eligible to keep your email address through an offer from the UB Alumni Association.

UB alumni who opt in do not need to opt in again if they earn another degree from UB.

You graduated:

You Did Not Opt In

Your UBmail Automatically Goes Away 6 Months After Degree Conferral

If you declined the offer by the UB Alumni Association:

Access your email and manage your forwarding as usual for 6 months after your official degree conferral date. Within that six months you may set a forward for your email:

  1. Establish an email address with a commercial provider, such as Google or Yahoo.
  2. Sign up for a free lifetime forwarding email address with the Alumni Association.
  3. Notify your contacts of your new email address.
  4. Enable email forwarding to your new address. If you set a forward directing your incoming email be delivered to an account with another provider, email sent to your address is received at the forward address but you are not able to change your forwarding.
  • If you have not forwarded your UBmail to another provider, email sent to your address is returned to the sender as undeliverable six months after your degree conferral date.

After 6 months you can no longer access your UB email or many services at UB. Read more about access to services.

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