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Managing Your UBmail Powered by Google

Control and customize your email experience. Learn about the particulars of UBmail Powered by Google and see advice to help you navigate the settings.

Find out how much space your UBmail Powered by Google email messages and attachments can occupy.
Learn how to remove email messages from your inbox and trash folder. Find out how to recover deleted email messages.
Find out how UBmail Powered by Google helps you avoid receiving spam (unwanted and unsolicited email) and learn how to mark messages in your inbox as spam.
Discover the setting that prevents your Inbox from receiving email messages sent from specific individuals.
Learn how to use the Contact Manager.
Set up a smartphone, such as an iPhone, Android or Windows Mobile phone, or a tablet, such as an iPad or Kindle Fire, to access UBmail Powered by Google.
Check the status of the Google Apps that accompany your UBmail Powered by Google mail app.
Learn about the process of leaving UBmail Powered by Google and moving to UBmail (Central Email) or UBmail Powered by Exchange.
Find out how to keep your UBmail after you graduate.
Discover how to use email filters to help you automatically organize, archive, delete or label your incoming UB Gmail messages. Learn how to set a forward so all your UB Gmail automatically goes to a non-UB account.

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