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Set up Your Email Client

After you choose an email client to synchronize with UBmail Powered by Google, you will need to set it up.

These directions are for setting up an email client, such as Thunderbird or Outlook, for use on a computer. See Related Content, below, to see how to configure a mobile device, such as a smartphone or tablet, to read UBmail Powered by Google.

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Set Up Your Email Client on a Computer

These instructions are only for UBmail Powered by Google.

1. Enable IMAP

IMAP keeps your email messages on the server, so that you can access your email anytime, anywhere, from any device. POP downloads your messages to a specific device. Your email can only be accessed from that device.

2. Configure an Email Client

Configure your client, including Apple Mail, Outlook or Thunderbird:

3. Use These Email Client Settings

Use the settings in the chart below to synchronize UBmail Powered by Google with your email client:


If you do not set up your outgoing (SMTP) settings properly with authentication as described below, you will not be able to send outgoing email from off campus.

Incoming (IMAP)


port: 993

client setting: SSL (Secure Sockets Layer protocol)

Incoming (POP)


port: 995

client setting: SSL (Secure Sockets Layer protocol)

Outgoing (SMTP)


port: 465

client setting: SSL (Secure Sockets Layer protocol)

Directory (LDAP)

Search Base/Root: o=University at Buffalo, c=us

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