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Ways to Access and Send Email with UBmail Powered by Google

To access and send email, use an email client and / or use the Web version of UBmail Powered by Google (UB Gmail).

Email Clients

An email client is a program that connects to an email server and acts as an interface through which you can access your email.

Email Clients Supported by UB Gmail

Google recommends that you synchronize your UBmail Powered by Google with particular email clients, depending on whether you use IMAP or POP to access your email:

  • IMAP email clients for UB Gmail  
    IMAP (internet message access protocol) lets you download messages from UB Gmail so you can access your mail with an email client. IMAP syncs the actions you take in your email client with UB Gmail on the Web. Thus, if you read a message in your email client it will be marked as read in the Web version of UB Gmail.
  • POP email clients for UB Gmail  
    POP (post office protocol) is a one-way download of your email messages that allows you to access your mail with an email client. POP only offers one-way communication, which means that actions you take in the email client program (such as marking a message as read) will not be synced to the Web version of UB Gmail.

Using UB Gmail with Email Clients

Learn about what happens when you use UB Gmail in conjunction with an email client:

Web Version

At times when you do not have access to your email client, or if you prefer not to use an email client, you can log into the Web version of UB Gmail through any Web browser.

You must use a supported browser: The current or previous major release of IE, Firefox, Safari or Chrome. Cookies and JavaScript must be enabled.

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