Your Storage Limit in Central Email

Find out how much space your email messages and attachments can occupy.

Your UBmail (Central Mail) Quota

Your quota (storage) use is based on the size of the messages and attachments in all of your mail folders. Central email quota is 3 GB.

Check Your Quota

Visit Central Email Management to find out how many kilobytes of UBmail (Central Email) space you have used.

Avoid Exceeding Your Quota

Delete email and empty the trash often to prevent items in your inbox and trash folder from occupying storage space.

Save large attachments to another location and then delete the messages from your email. You can save attachments to your computer or your UBfs space.

Contact the UBIT Help Center

Have a UBITName? You may also use the UBIT Help Center Online (login required).

(xxx) xxx-xxxx
Use your email ONLY if you have access to it