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Methods of Moving Your Email Messages

Learn how to move your UBmail (Central Email)  messages to another UB email system.

During the 30 days before your UBmail (Central Email) account expires, there are 2 methods for moving your Central Email messages to UBmail Powered by Google (UB Gmail) or UBmail Powered by Exchange: mail them to yourself or use a client.

Your live mailbox is always available by logging  into


After your notification to switch mail, all new mail will be delivered to your new live mailbox.  IMAP and POP email client logins, except Exchange mail,  will also always direct you to your live mailbox.

Mail Your UB Central Email Messages to Yourself

We recommend you use this method if you:

  • have only a few messages to save
  • plan to use only a web mail client such as UBmail
  • do not plan to use an IMAP email client such as Thunderbird or Microsoft Outlook

To send your email messages to yourself:

  1. Access your old messages: Log into UBmail (Central Email) through
  2. Forward each message to your email address.

Use an Email Client to Move Your Folders and Messages

We recommend you use this method if you:

  • plan to use either a web mail client or an IMAP client
  • want to organize your messages into folders
  • have numerous messages to move

After your mail has been re-directed to UB Gmail, configure an email client to move your email folders:

1. Configure your UBmail (Central Email) client for IMAP

  • Download a UB-supported email client
  • Configure your UB-supported email client with a temporary account used only for the migration:
    • Name this account something useful such as Old UBmail
    • Enter your
    • Incoming server:, port 993
    • Incoming client setting: SSL (No exceptions)
    • Outgoing server:, port 25
    • Outgoing client setting: TLS and port 25 or SSL and port 465

2. Set up a second account on your IMAP email client

  • Name this account something useful such as My UB Gmail to help distinguish it from your UBmail (Central Email) account
  • Use IMAP settings (rather than POP) to configure this account

3. Move your folders from Old UBmail to your My UB Gmail account

In your IMAP email client, using your Old UBmail account, move your labels from your Old UBmail to your My UB Gmail account

4. After all your mail and folders have been moved, it is safe to unconfigure the temporary account from your mail client.

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