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Moving to Other Email Services from Central Email

Learn about the process of leaving UBmail (Central Email) and moving to UBmail Powered by Google or UBmail Powered by Exchange.

Eligibility for UBmail (Central Email)

Switching to a different UB email service usually only happens if your UB affiliation has changed. Your eligibility for UBmail (Central Email) depends on your UB affiliation.

You are eligible if:

  • “Faculty / Staff” is your primary affiliation with UB and your department does not use UBmail Powered by Exchange (Exchange mail)
  • “Fellowship” is your affiliation with UB

You are ineligible if:

  • “Faculty / Staff” is your primary affiliation with UB but your department uses Exchange mail
  • You are a student  

Leaving UBmail (Central Email)

If you migrate from UBmail (Central Email), take these steps to ensure that your email experience is not interrupted as you migrate to another UB email system:

1. Mark your calendar

Be aware that your UBmail (Central Email) account expires 30 days from the date of your notice.

2. Manage new incoming email

All new incoming email is sent to your new UB email system. Learn how to get started with UBmail Powered by Google or UBmail Powered by Exchange.

3. Move your UBmail (Central Email) messages to your new UB email system

During the 30 days before your UBmail (Central Email) account expires, use an email client to move your folders and messages. Note that after your account is switched, you can log into UBmail (Central Email) through, and only for the 30 days you were provided to make the switch.

4. Export your Central Email contacts

During the 30 days before your UB Gmail account expires, export your Central Email contacts. How you export them depends on your email client:

  • If you use the Web version of UBmail (
    1. Log in using the Advanced interface.
    2. Select Tools > Address Book.
    3. Click Export Contacts.
  • If you use Thunderbird:
    1. Click Address Book.
    2. Select your address book.
    3. Select Tools > Export... 
    4. Under Format, select Comma Separated (*.csv).
    5. Choose a location, such as your Desktop, and a file name.
  • Exporting Contacts in Microsoft Word 2010

Things that Do Not Change

Your live mailbox is always available by logging  into


After you recieve notification to switch mail, all new mail will be delivered to your new live mailbox. IMAP and POP email clients will also always direct you to your live mailbox.

If you move from UBmail (Central Email) or UBmail powered by Exchange, some things do not change:

  • Your email address
  • Your password
  • Your personal Gmail account (not UB Gmail account)

 Changes to expect:

  • Forwarding and filtering rules will stop immediately. Make notes about your email forwarding rules so you can re-create them in Google Apps.
  • Your address book will be deleted. To use your address book in another email program, export it and later import it into your UB Gmail-supported email client.
  • Old messages will not be moved automatically to UBmail Powered by Google. Save messages (including attachments) to local files or send them to yourself (see above).

Moving from UBmail (Central Email) to UBmail Powered by Exchange (Exchange mail)

Contact your departmental IT support service to find out what kind of changes you should expect during your migration to Exchange mail.

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