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Set Up Mac Mail for UBmail (Central Email)

Set up the Macintosh default email client, Mail, for use with UBmail Powered by Exchange.


Mac OS X 10.6 - 10.8

  1. Launch Mail from the Applications folder.
  2. Select Mail > Preferences.
  3. Click on the Account tab.
  4. Click +.
  5. When the Add Account dialogue appears:
    • Enter your name for Full Name.
    • Enter your email address for Email Address.
    • Enter your UBITName password for Password.
  6. Click Continue.
  7. Select IMAP from the Incoming Mail Server dialogue.
  8. Enter for Incoming Mail Server.
  9. Click Continue.
  10. On the Incoming Mail Security:
    • Check Use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL).
    • Select Password from the Authentication drop down list.
  11. On the Outgoing Mail Server window:
    • Enter for the Outgoing Mail Server.
    • Check Use Authentication.
    • Enter your UBITName and password where indicated.
  12. Click Continue.
  13. On the Account Summary dialogue:
    • Click Take account online.
    • Click Create.

Mac OS X 10.9 (Mavericks)

Setting up LDAP is not possible wiith Mavericks.

1. Launch Mac Mail application.

2. Select Mail > Preferences.

3. Select the Accounts tab

4. Click on the + under the Accounts list window to set up a new email account. This will begin the Add Account dialogue.

Select Add other email account

Click to enlarge.

5. Select Add Other Mail Account…

6. Type in your Full Name, your UBITName and UBIT password in the appropriate fields, then click Create.  This will start the Autodiscovery process.  You will be told your account must be manually configured.

7. Click Next

8. From the Incoming Mail Server Info dialogue, Select IMAP for Account Type.

9. For Mail Server, enter

10. Enter your Full Name, email address and UBIT password in the appropriate fields, then click Next. You will be told that Additional account information is required.   Click Next again.

IMAP settings

Click to enlarge.

11. Select Use SSL.

12. For the Authentication pull down list, be sure to select Password.

13.  Click Next. This will open the Outgoing Mail Server Info dialogue.

14. For SMTP Server enter

15.  Enter your UBITName and password in the appropriate fields. These will be used for outgoing server authentication.

16. Click Create.

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