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Sending Email to Groups of People

Learn how to generate, subscribe to and manage electronic mailing lists (listservs) for groups at UB. Find out how to create email aliases for UB organizations.

Listserv: UB’s Mailing List Management System

Listserv is a commercial mailing system that allows you to subscribe to, create, manage and control electronic mailing lists at UB.

Each member that is subscribed to a particular mailing list receives a copy of every message sent to that list via email.

Mailing Lists are email-based and can function as announcement platforms, moderated lists or discussions lists.

From the Listserv Web Interface, you can:

  • Request a new list or delete a list
  • Repopulate a class list
  • Join and leave lists
  • View public list archives and see email commands
  • Find list owner training and manage your list subscriptions

UBmail Aliases

A UBmail Alias is a virtual email address that points to actual email address(es).

Emails sent to a UBmail Alias (for instance, are automatically redirected to the inboxes of the email addresses that are members of the UBmail Alias.

What is an email alias?

A Central Email Alias is an email forwarding address. An email alias forwards mail to other email addresses, usually to one or more UBITNames, but sometimes to another alias, a listserv list, or an Exchange distribution list. Central email aliases are intended exclusively for university business and may be requested by university employees only. Email aliases do not have a mailbox; they only forward to other addresses.
An email alias name may be used anywhere an email address can be used.  Email aliases can be subscribed to listserv lists, and can be members of Exchange distribution lists.

Uses for UBmail Aliases

Faculty and staff may request a UBmail Alias to use for conducting university business.

Departments often post aliases as customer service email contacts in order to avoid posting an employee’s personal email address. This keeps the "public" email address from changing whenever individuals change their employment responsibilities.

Since UBmail Aliases can point to multiple email addresses, multiple individuals can receive the same emails without using a mailing list (listserv).

A Central Email Alias is most often used to easily deliver mail to multiple email addresses.

An alias may also be used to deliver mail intended for a specific role or office without associating that role with an individual's UBITName, i.e.

Aliases are simple forwarding addresses and as such have no options or settings associated with them. A Listserv list should be considered first, before an alias, because Listserv lists may be managed by their owners, and many options and settings are available for sending mail via Listserv lists that are not available when sending to email aliases. Fill out the form to request a new listserv list.

UBmail Alias Standards

Names for UBmail Aliases cannot conflict with a UBITName. CIT recommends that a UBmail Alias name:

  • Be a brief descriptive name using alphanumeric characters only. No special characters of punctuation are allowed except a hyphen.
  • Begin with a 2 or 3 letter official departmental entity code. Entity codes are short codes associated with departments at UB. Look up entity codes.

UBmail Alias Roles

  • Owner: The owner of an alias is usually the person who requested the alias. The owner is responsible for the alias. Changes to the alias such as adding or deleting alias members (forwarding addresses) must be requested or approved by the alias owner. When an alias owner leaves the university a new owner must be assigned by the responsible department or organization.
  • Managers: Optional administrators for the UBmail Alias who can add or remove members.
  • Members: Receive email messages sent to the UBmail Alias. Owners and Managers must be added as members if they want to receive copies of the messages sent to the UBmail Alias.

Requesting a New UBmail Alias or Requesting Changes to UBmail Aliases

UBmail Alias requests (both new UBmail Aliases and updates) should be made by sending email using the Request UBmail Alias link, below.

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