Blocking Spam with UBmail Powered by Google

Operating System: All

Last Updated: March 12, 2020

Understanding and Using Spam Filters

When UBmail Powered by Google’s spam filter detects an email message that appears to be spam, it automatically directs the message to your Spam folder instead of delivering it to your Inbox.

Eliminating mistakenly delivered spam
Learn how to report spam that goes undetected by the spam filter.

Searching your Spam folder
UBmail Powered by Google does not automatically look for messages in your Spam folder when you run a search; learn how to include spam and trash in your search results.

Marking Messages as Spam

Without Opening the Message:

  1. Click the box next to the message to select it. A check mark will appear.
  2. Select the folder icon in the menu bar. Beneath the Move to: dialogue select Spam.
  3. The message will be moved to your Spam folder. Messages sent to the Spam folder are considered to be reported as Spam and help to improve spam filters.

After Opening the Message:

  1. Select the drop-down arrow next to the reply button.
  2. Select report spam.
  3. The message will be reported to Google, removed from your inbox and placed in your Spam folder.

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