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Find Answers to General Email Questions

The UBmail system you use depends on your primary role (affiliation) with UB and the UB department or school with which you are affiliated.
When email messages are wrongly classified as spam, there are steps you can take to prevent this from happening.
In some cases, you may be able to restore email messages after you have deleted them.
It is likely that someone is "impersonating" your email address to send spam, but that they do not have access to your UB email.
UBITName changes are given for legal name changes (such as marriage or divorce) when the name change impacts the UBITName, and only after the new name is on record with Human Resources or the Office of the Registrar. See Requesting a Different UBITName to learn if you can change your UBITName to something else, and for an overview of the UBITName change process.
Yes, however upon signing in with Gmail you will be brought to your UB sign-in page where you will be prompted to sign in again.
Once your account deactivates, it cannot be reactivated for reasons such as changing an email forward.

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