Attachment and Size Limits

Your Exchange email mailbox currently has no quota set.

Maximum Number of Messages Sent per Day

People on UBmail Powered by Exchange may each send a maximum of 500 messages every 24 hours.

  • Outlook Web App: Prevents you from sending the message, and displays an error message saying, “Error: Your message can't be sent because you've reached your daily limit for message recipients. Please try again later.”
    1. Click Save to save the unsent message to the Drafts folder.
    2. When the mailbox is once again under the limit, open the message in the Drafts folder and re-send it.
  • Microsoft Outlook: You can send the message, but it is returned with an error that states, “This operation failed.”  The message remains open and can either be saved or sent when the number of sent messages drops below the 24-hour rate limit.


Need an exception? Submit a ticket.

Maximum Number of Recipients per Message

Messages may be sent to a maximum of 100 recipients.

Email Attachment Size Limits

  • Attachments you send on Exchange mail may be up to 150 MB (however, not all email systems allow the recipient to receive attachments this large, for instance, Gmail and UB Exchange mail both only allow receipt of attachments up to 50 MB)
  • Attachments you receive on Exchange mail may be up to 50 MB
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