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Common Questions

I'm experiencing performance issues when using Outlook client. How can I improve performance?

  • Use Outlook Cached mode:
    • Outlook Cached mode is the preferred method to connect. Cached mode insulates people who use Outlook client from network latency and connectivity issues.
  • Remove unnecessary calendars in Outlook calendar view.
  • Reduce the number of messages:
    • People who use Microsoft Outlook can experience poor performance when the heavily used core folders (Inbox, Calendar, Sent Items, etc.) contain large number of items
    • To maximize performance (your mileage may vary):
      • Maintain less than 10,000 items in the Inbox
      • Maintain less than 10,000 items in the Sent Items
      • Maintain less than 7,000 items in the Calendar
      • Maintain less than 7,000 items in the Contacts
  • Personal Folders (PST) Files:
    • Close any attached .pst files in Outlook that are unused.
    • When working with Personal Folders (PST) files, the only supported configuration is storing them locally on the machine that your Outlook client is running on. If you do configure your client to store your PST files on a network file share, the overall performance of Outlook will slow down even when you are not accessing the PST file. You are also at risk of corruption of data or even complete loss of your PST file. Therefore, Microsoft has officially stated that this is an unsupported configuration. If you need to backup your PST you can upload them periodically to a network share.

Can a calendar be shared with partners at affiliated hospitals?

Calendars cannot be shared with partners at hospitals affiliated with UB due to the hospital rules.

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