Join a Meeting Through a Web Browser Using Skype for Business

Operating System: All

Applies To: UB faculty, staff and students

Last Updated: February 10, 2017

lync web app invitation.

As an attendee, you will receive a meeting request in the form of a email or a emailed link from the person who created the meeting in Skype for Business.

1. Click the link to the meeting or in the meeting request.

2. Click Join Skype Meeting.


3. Install the Skype for Business Web App.

Windows: Check the box Install Skype for Business Web App plug-in.

mac plugin.

Macintosh: You will receive a Launch Application pop-up, highlight Skype for Business. Check the box for Remember my choice for conf links. Click Ok.

Select Join Using Skype for Business Web App instead.  

4. Click Sign in as a guest to the meeting. 


5. Enter your name in the text box labeled Guest, type your name below.

6. Click Join the meeting.

7. If necessary, follow the instructions to install the plug-in.

  • Open the plug-in installation file and run it as directed.
  • Check Always allow the plug-in for this domain.
  • Click Allow.

You will now join the meeting unless the meeting orgainizer needs to let you in. You can always instant message in the app to let someone know you are there even if you are having problems with the audio.   

Common Questions

I joined a Skype meeting earlier today and installed the Web App, why won't the option to Install the Web App appear?

It will reappear on subsequent days.

Why did I receive a Windows Security box for connecting to

It is because you do not have a UBITName, click Cancel.  

Why did I receive an error while signing in message?

Click Sign in here instead under the Are you a guest to this meeting. 

How do I use the Skype for Business Web App when I have the client installed?

Append ?sl=1 to the end of the URL for the meeting invitation. This will force your computer to use the Skype for Business Web App.

Can the Skype for Business Web App be used for ad hoc communication?

Ad hoc instant messaging and video chat can only happen between Skype for Business clients. To include people using the Skype for Business Web App you must schedule a meeting and send the meeting URL to all participants.

Still need help?

Contact the UBIT Help Center.