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Using Lync for iOS Devices and Lync for iPad

Lync 2013 for iPhone and Lync 2013 for iPad are user-installable applications that are available in the Apple App Store.

Installling Lync for iPhone and Lync for iPad

Visit the App Store for your iOS device and install the app:

  • Lync for iPhone is available in the App Store at <>
  • Lync for iPad is available in the App Store at <>

Configuring Lync for iOS

authenticate to the app

1. Launch Lync 2013

2. Enter your UBIT email address and password


Fill in Advanced Options

3. Click Show Advanced Options

4. Enter your UBITName in the User Name field

Click Sign In

5. Click Sign In

Verify Mobile Client Installation

Search for a Contact

  1. In the Contacts list, tap Search at the bottom.

  2. Search for a contact that exists only in the global address list.

  3. Verify that the contact name appears in the search results.

Test Instant Messaging and Presence

Mobile contact list
  1. In the Contacts list, tap a contact.

  2. In the contact card, tap the IM icon.

  3. Verify that an instant messaging (IM) window appears and that you can type and send an IM.

Test Dial-out Conferencing

Lync meeting list
  1. In the Lync Web Scheduler, schedule a Lync meeting.

  2. On the mobile device, open the meeting invitation.

  3. Click the link in the meeting to join.

  4. Answer the call from the conference service and verify that you are connected to meeting audio.

Test Push Notifications

  1. On user A’s mobile device, sign in to Lync with user A’s account.

  2. Open another application on the mobile device.

  3. On a different client, sign in to Lync with user B’s account.

  4. Send an IM from user B to user A.

  5. Verify that the IM notification appears on user A’s mobile device.

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