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Installing Lync for Mac 2011

Download and learn how to install Lync for Mac 2011.

Downloading Lync for Mac 2011

Lync for Mac 2011 is available for download from UB for UB faculty, staff and students. Please make sure you have the ability to install an application on your computer. Contact your department IT support if necessary.  


Lync for Mac 2011 requires Mac OS 10.5.8 (Leopard) or higher and browsers Safari or Firefox each 5 or higher. See more about the requirements.

Installing Lync for Mac 2011

1. After downloading Lync for Mac 2011, double-click the Lync installer.

Office on Mac installer screen

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2. Click Continue to begin the installation.

3. Click Continue to accept the Microsoft Software License Terms.

Click continue to accept the license

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4. Click Agree to continue installing the software.

Click Agree to continue the installation

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5. Click Install to continue the recommended default installation and wait for the installation to complete.

Click Install for the default installation

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6. Click Close when the installation finishes successfully.

Click close when the installation was successful

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7. Go to Finder and launch Lync from the applications list. Accept the License agreement.

Click accept to accept the license agreement

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8. Enter your UBIT credentials:

  • Your UB email address
  • Your UBITName as the User ID
  • Your UBITName password as Password

9. Click Sign In.


Sign in to Lync with your UBIT credentials

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