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Virtual Conference Etiquette

Face-to-face meeting etiquette should be observed duing a virtual meeting,as well as new behaviors. For example, there are as many room sounds  affecting the virtual meeting as there are meeting participants.

  • Check audio and video settings prior to the meeting. Ensure microphone levels are reasonable and not excessively quiet or loud.
  • Avoid areas with distracting background noise.
  • Mute your microphone when not speaking.
  • Silence phones, cell phones, alarms, and calendar reminders if possible.
  • If sharing your screen close any unneeded applications or applications which may contain personal information. Close any email or messaging clients which may pop up.
  • Start the meeting early if you are the host. Join on time if you are a guest.
  • Need to get the presenters attention? Try sending a message using the built-in chat feature.
  • If you are joining with the dial-in option do not place the call on hold if there is a hold message or music, all participants will hear it.
  • Disruptive participant? The host can remove them by right clicking and choosing remove

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