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Video Conferencing

The University at Buffalo conducts video conferencing using the standard H.323 protocol.

H.323 allows for 2-way voice and video connections over the internet (IP). Connections can be made to other H.323 systems locally and globally.

Additional Video Conferencing Services

  • Video bridge for multi-site conferences
  • Gateway for connecting to legacy ISDN-based (H.320) video conferencing systems, or adding telephone callers to a video conference as voice-only participants
  • Consulting for special event coordination, system purchases and audio-visual integration


Video conferencing is available in the following rooms. Check rooms and schedules:

Baldy 200-G (seats 1 to 48)

Park 247 (seats 1 to 3)

Departmental video conference spaces may be made available on a case-by-case basis.

Bell 340-C (seats 1 to 18)

Jacobs 106 (seats 1 to 55)

Request a Video Conference

When you request a video conference, you'll be prompted for information, including:

  • The date you want the video conference
  • The number of participants
  • Your desired room
  • Your contact information (including UBITName)
  • Your department
  • If any other equipment is needed for your video conference

Additional Information

When preparing for a video conference using our facilities, please obtain the following information from the other party:

  • IP number (or ISDN number*) of the video conference unit at the location(s)
  • The model of the video conference unit at the location(s)
  • The name, phone and email of a technical contact at the other location(s)
  • A phone number in the remote video conference location(s) so we can contact the other side
    in case of problems on the day of the event

If UB initiates an ISDN call to a location outside the U.S. there will be an extra charge equivalent to 6 long distance phone calls to that location.

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