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Download your WebEx Recordings

Download and convert your WebEx recordings and save them out to other formats. 

Download recordings from WebEx

list of your recordings

1. Go to and log in with your Host Account username and password.

2. Under Host a Meeting, choose My Recorded Meetings.       

3. You will see a list of any recordings you have made. 

click the downward triangle for more

4. To download each file, click on the more button (which resembles a downward pointing triangle) to the right of the recording title.

choose download

5. Choose Download from the drop-down menu.     


6. As the file downloads you will see a notice that the file is preparing to download. The window will indicate when download is complete.

Download in Downloads folder

7. The downloaded file will show up in the Downloads folder (or whatever folder you set up to accept downloads).

Install the WebEx Network Recording Player

Recording and playback link

To convert recordings from .arf format to Windows Media (.wmv), Flash (.swf) or Mpeg4 (.mp4) you need to install the WebEx Network Recording Player.  This is free from the WebEx site.

1. Go to and login with your Host Account username and password.     

2. Under Support choose Downloads.

3. Click the link for Recording and Playback.

.ARF version

4. Download the version "for .ARF."

5. Double click or open the downloaded file to install the player.  The file will be called nbr2player.msi.

Convert Files to Windows Media (.wmv) or Flash (.swf)

Choose panels to see

1. Open the Network Recording Player.

2. Select File > Open, then choose the file you wish to convert (the file needs to be on your computer).

3. Select File > Convert Format, then choose the format.       

4. Choose which panels you want to see in the recording.

5. Click OK.

system tray

6. The conversion process is very long, about the same amount of time as the recording itself.

7. You can check the progress in the system tray.                   

Convert Files to MPEG-4 (.mp4)

If you want to convert o MPEG-4, you must do so before UB support of WebEx ends on 8/12/2014. 

enter site URL, account name and password

1. The first time you attempt to convert a file to .mp4, the Network Recording Player will prompt you to install an additional WebEx conversion tool. 

  • Site        
  • Account Name: your UB WebEx Host Account
  • Password: your UB WebEx Host Account password

2. Click Continue.

conversion tool installed

3. The conversion tool will be installed succesfully.

4. Click Continue.

5. Choose which Panels you want to see in the recording and click OK to start converting.

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