JAWS is a screen reader for those with vision loss that works with popular software programs such as Microsoft Office and Internet Explorer.

Adjusting Reading Rates in JAWS

You can increase or decrease the rate at which text is read.

If you are not in Say All mode:

  • To increase the rate of the reading speed press Alt Ctrl and Page Down simultaneously.
  • To decrease the rate of the reading speed Alt Ctrl and Page Down simultaneously.

If you are in Say All mode:

  • To increase the rate of the reading speed press Page Down to increase the reading rate.
  • To decrease the rate of the reading speed press Page Up to decrease the reading rate.

Keypad Shortcuts for JAWS

Reading Shortcuts
Command Result
Numeric keypad 5 Say a single character
Insert and numeric keypad 5 Say an entire word
Insert and numeric keypad 5 two times Spell the word
Insert left arrow Say the previous word
Insert right arrow Say the next word
Insert up arrow Say the entire line
Insert down arrow Say All (everything after the cursor)
Up arrow Return to the previous line and say it
Down arrow Advance to the next line and say it
Ctrl Stop speaking
Insert and numeric keypad 3 Read status
Insert t Read the title bar of the window that has the focus
Insert b Reads the dialog box in Tab order
Insert e Reads the default button in a dialog box
Windows Management
Command Result
Alt Spacebar x Maximize a window
Alt Spacebar n Minimize a window
Alt Spacebar r Restore a window
Alt Tab Switch between open programs
Navigating Dialog Boxes and Exiting
Command Result
Tab Move forward in a dialog box
Shift Tab Move backward in a dialog box
Ctrl s Save
Alt F4 Exit a program
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