Charge + Lock Station

The Charge + Lock station is a convenient, free way to charge your devices while you're using the Lockwood 2nd floor Cybrary.

Adapters for many different devices.

Left: The Charge + Lock station. Right: Close-up of a locker, with connections for many different types of devices.

About the Charge + Lock Station

Place any USB-chargeable device (including lightning adapters for iPhones/iPads and adapters for Android and Windows devices) in an unlocked (green) locker and set a passcode. Your device charges securely for up to half an hour and is released only when a passcode or security word is entered.

ChargeFast 2.1 amp technology means your devices charge up to twice as fast.

Please note:

  • You cannot charge laptops in the Charge + Lock Station.
  • UBIT Public Sites is not responsible for any loss or theft from the Charge + Lock Station.
  • Charge + Lock is a pilot service.

Video: A Quick Introduction

VIDEO: A Quick Introduction to Charge and Lock Stations


Charging Your Device

1. Touch the screen.

2. Select either English or Spanish.

3. Select I want to charge my mobile device. You'll see a notice that devices charge for a maximum of 30 minutes. If you leave your device in the Charge + Lock station for more than 30 minutes, it will stop charging after 30 minutes, but will remain secured until you enter a passcode or security word.

4. Read the Terms & Conditions. Select OK to continue or X to cancel.

green locker - available

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5. Select a green locker. The locker turns blue when selected. Red lockers are already in use.

passcode pin pad

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6. Make sure no one is standing near you. Enter a 4-digit passcode and press OK.

keyboad for security word

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7. Enter a security word to use if you forget your passcode and press OK.

8. Power off your device. Devices charge faster when they are powered off, and devices ringing in the Charge + Lock station can be disruptive. If you cannot power it off, please silence your device.

9. Open the locker and plug in your device. Only devices that charge through a USB interface can be charged. You have 3 minutes to connect your device. Qi Wireless charging-enabled devices can charge on the wireless charge pad.

red - locker in use

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10. Firmly shut the door. Make sure your locker changes from blue to red and the door is securely closed.

Retrieving Your Device

  1. Touch the screen.
  2. Select either English or Spanish.
  3. Select I want to get my mobile device back.
  4. Enter your passcode*.

* If you forget your passcode, please contact either the greeter or a consultant, who will ask for your security word.

Passcode and Security Word Tips

  • Avoid simple passcodes such as 0000, 1234, 9876 or 9999.
  • Avoid easy-to-guess security words like security, lock, lockwood, device, iphone, charge or word.
  • Do not write down the passcode or security word and leave it in the storage drawer/tray or where it can be seen.
  • Do not share passcodes or security words with friends. The more people who know a passcode or security word, the less secure the item charging is.


Address concerns or questions to the greeter at the entrance of Lockwood Cybrary, near the Charge + Lock station.

If the greeter is unable to answer your question or concern, the greeter can forward them to the Public Site supervisors. You may also submit questions and concerns directly to

Contact the UBIT Help Center

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