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Host on Demand (HOD)

Host On Demand (HOD) provides access to services like CICS, SEFA, BARS, SIS, OSC, Financial Aid, and Personnel.

Host on Demand service ending, replaced with SUNY WebConnect

Host on Demand (HOD) service is expected to end in early 2015, when the mainframe is decommissioned. Once HOD support ends, the SUNY mainframe in Albany can only be reached using SUNY WebConnect.

About SUNY WebConnect

You may begin using SUNY WebConnect instead of HOD at any time. If you need help connecting to SUNY WebConnect, contact your departmental IT staff. If you do not have departmental IT support, contact HOD Support.

"Batch printing" is not available through the Web portal, however screen printing does work and is acceptable for Purchasing department procurement card (Pcard) reconciliation. Please let us know if you have a situation where batch printing is essential, and we will work with your departmental IT staff to find an appropriate printing solution.

HOD Hours and Login Information

HOD is available between the hours of 7:00 a.m. and 11:00 p.m.

Your HOD userid is your UBITName and password.

  1. If you have an established HOD account, log in at:
  2. Activate the printer for your session, double-click on the printer icon
  3. Sign on to CICS

HOD Access

You must have access to a data source and/or system to use HOD. Information about access is available on the Infosource website.

HOD Requirements

HOD requires the Java Runtime Engine (JRE). Find details about supported operating systems, browsers, and other requirements at IBM. Look "For Browsers" in the "WebSphere Host On-Demand V10."

HOD Support

If you have problems or questions regarding HOD, please contact your departmental IT staff first. If you do not have IT support, contact HOD Support.

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