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Set Up AdminVWS Using a Personally-Owned Computer and a Fob

Operating System: All

Applies To: UB faculty, staff and researchers

Last Updated: August 30, 2017

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Install the software you need and set up your printers and drives, then connect.

Before You Begin: Two Factor Authentication Requires Preparation

• Your completion of the Handling Data Safely training

•  Pre-authorization for HUB administrative access from the HUB Leads

•  Either a software token (installed by your system administrator) or a fob

•  A PIN

•  Your UBITName and password

1. Download and Install Remote Desktop Connection Client

2. Set Up Printers and Drivers

Make local computer resources available during your remote session, including your printer, USB drives, mapped drives or clipboard. Customize display and performance options. Remote session options must be set before you connect for the first time:

3. Learn How to Read the Fob

hardware token

The fob displays a 6-digit tokencode that changes every 60 seconds, represented by two indicators:

  • On the far left side, a column of 6 bars repesents a full minute.
    • The top bar disappears after 5 seconds.
    • Each of the next 5 bars disappears every 10 seconds.
    • When the last bar disappears, 5 seconds remain before the tokencode changes.
  • In the lower right hand corner, a dot flashes every second.

Common Questions

Is my hardware token PIN the same as my software token PIN?

Not necessarily. Software and hardware token PINs are managed independently.

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Contact the UBIT Help Center

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