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Reset Your RSA PIN

Operating System: All

Applies To: UB faculty, staff and researchers

Last Updated: March 10, 2016

RSA Software Tokens and Fobs (Hardware Tokens) feature a secure PIN as part of two-factor authentication. If you forget your PIN, you may reset it yourself.


Read all instructions before clicking the Reset Your RSA PIN button.

Reset Your Token

  1. Click the Reset Your RSA PIN button (above). You will be taken to the UB RSA Self Service Portal.
  2. Click Manage Your Token.
  3. Enter your UBITName in the User ID field and click OK.
  4. Make sure authentication method is password - click Log On button.
  5. Enter your UBIT password in the Password field and click Log On.
  6. Click the troubleshoot link for the token whose PIN you are resetting, scrolling down if necessary.
  7.  Select I forgot my PIN, then click OK.
  8.  Create a new, secure PIN that you can remember:
    • 4 - 8 characters long
    • Not the same as any of your previous 3 PINs
    • Not starting with a 0 (zero)
    • Not easily guessable (for instance, do not use 1234)
  9. Enter the same PIN in the Confirm New PIN field. Click OK.
  10.  A green box reflects when you successfully change your SecurID PIN.
  11.  Run a test in the Test your token box:
    • Hardware Token
      • Enter your UBITName in the User ID field
      • Enter your new PIN immediately followed by the tokencode (displayed on your fob) in the Passcode field. Do not enter any spaces or other characters between the PIN and tokencode
      • Click Test
    • Software Token
      • Enter your UBITName in the User ID field
      • Enter your PIN in the RSA Software Application
      • Click the arrow
      • Enter the 8-digit code returned on the RSA webpage
PIN successfully changed

A confirmation message appears in a green box if you are successful.

Contact the UBIT Help Center

You may also send us an email, or use the UBIT Help Center Online (login required).

(xxx) xxx-xxxx
Use your email ONLY if you have access to it