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Requesting a Different UBITName

If you legally change your name, such as for marriage or divorce, you may request a different UBITName after you record your new name with the university.

New UBITNames are created only if the legal name change impacts the UBITName.  If the request is approved, you will be assigned a new UBITName and must move your files and email messages to your new UBITName.

How to Submit Your Request

  1. Submit your legal name change to the correct UB unit for your status - Human Resources for faculty and staff, the Office of the Registrar for students.
  2. Once the legal name change is processed and your new name appears in the UB Online Directory, email the CIT Help Desk from your UB email and request a new UBITName.
  3. If your UBITName change request is approved, you will be assigned a new UBITName and have 30 days to complete the following:
    1. Change your password. A single-use password will be provided by CIT when your new UBITName is created.
    2. Notify friends, family, and colleagues of your new UBITName and email address. Once your old UBITName is removed, email sent to it will be returned to the sender undelivered. Until then, email can be delivered to your old UBITName. Make sure you give your new email address to those who need to contact you.
    3. Arrange for related changes:
      • Notify your department’s IT support staff to migrate departmental information from your old UBITName to your new one. This includes Active Directory (AD) logins and Exchange mail.
      • Update any listservs or email aliases you are subscribed to or a member of to use your new UB email address.
      • Students should notify professors that their UBITName has changed.
      • Access to MyUB and UBlearns will begin under your new UBITName after 9:00 a.m. on the next business day.
      • Host-on-Demand (HOD): Faculty and Staff who access HOD should contact HOD-support and request that your HOD account be changed to match your new UBITName. Please submit at least 5 days prior.
  4. Copy existing email messages and files from your old UBITName to your new UBITName. If you need assistance, contact the CIT Help Desk at or 716-645-3542.
  5. Email the CIT Help Desk from your new account asking that we remove your old account. Your new account will be sent a change of status notice 14 days prior to its scheduled removal, and serves as a reminder for you to request removal of the old account. We will not remove your old account until you tell us to. If you don’t ask us to do so within 30 days, your new account will be removed.

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