Transition from UBIT Services

Save your email messages and folders, contacts and files before you lose access to UBIT services.

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Save Your Email

If you only have a few email messages you want to keep, forward them to a non-UB email account.

If you have numerous messages or folders of messages you want to save, we recommend copying them to your personally owned computer using an email client, such as Mozilla Thunderbird. 

UBmail for students

UBmail for faculty and staff

Contact your Department's IT support staff for assistance.

Save Your Email Contacts

Save email contacts you want to keep so you can import them into a non-UB email account.

UBmail for students

UBmail for faculty and staff

Save Your Files

UB Google Drive (Google Docs)

If your email is on UBmail for students and you use Google Drive  (Google Docs ), you can save your files to a personal storage device.

UBfs Myfiles

If you use UBfs Myfiles, you can save your files to a personal storage device.


Microsoft 365/ OneDrive

Before you leave UB, you should move your files to a free OneDrive account. Your UB account has 128 GB of storage, while the free Microsoft account offers 5 GB (Microsoft offers a pay subscription that includes 1 TB of storage). Learn how to take your files with you when you graduate >

Common Questions

I set a forward for email, but my UBITName is no longer active. Can I change the forward?

Once your UBITName is deactivated, it cannot be reactivated for reasons such as changing an email forward.

If you are eligible to keep your email, such as with graduation, we recommend you do so. If not, if you must use a forward, use an account that you will not lose for any reason -- for example, set up a gmail account.

Still need help?

Contact the UBIT Help Center.