Activate Your UBITName: Non-Degree Seeking Undergraduate Student


Gather Your UB Information

You will need the following three pieces of information to activate your UBITName:

Information How You Get It Where to Get Help If Lost or Unknown
1. UBITName
Look up your UBITName online
UBIT Help Center
2. Last four digits of your Person Number
Email from Office of the Registrar or on UB Card
Office of the Registrar
3. One-Time Password

In Person: Bring your UB Card or current government-issued photo I.D with date of birth, in English (e.g., driver's license or passport), to the UBIT Help Center.


Remote: Fax to 716-645-3617 an enlarged and lightened copy of government-issued I.D described above. Call the UBIT Help Center during business hours and verify your identity with UBIT Help Center staff.

UBIT Help Center

If you are interrupted, log out or accidentally navigate away from the Identity Manager window during the activation process, you will need to get a new One-time Password from the UBIT Help Center, and can then follow the activation process again.


Visit the UBITName Manager

Click Visit UBITName Manager below and follow the instructions on the screen to activate your UBITName.

View step-by-step activation instructions (optional)

Once you have your UB information ready, visit the UBITName Manager (a self-service website) to activate your UBITName. Complete the following steps:

  1. Enter your UBITName, making sure all letters are lowercase
  2. Click Continue
  3. Solve the CAPTCHA Security Check
  4. Click Continue
  5. Enter your three pieces of UB information*:
    • The last four digits of your Person Number
    • The month of your birth in numbers (e.g., January is 01)
    • Your One-Time Password

      * Note: If you accidentally log out or disconnect in the middle of the UBITName activation process, contact the UBIT Help Center to get a new one-time password so you can try activating again.
  6. Click Continue
  7. Complete the following to activate your UBITName:
    • Accept the UB Computer and Network Use Policy by clicking Accept
    • Choose a new password and click Change Password
    • Set your security questions and answers (one you create and three from UB) and click Continue
  8. When you see the UBITName Manager: Home screen, click Add or update your password recovery contact information to be used if you forget your password and enter your non-UB email and cell phone number as instructed.
  9. When you see the UBITName Manager: Home screen, your UBITName is activated! You are now ready to enjoy all the great services UB offers.

You can return to the UBITName Manager at any time to change your UBITName password or manage your security questions, non-UB email or cell phone number for password recovery.

Identity Manager home

What's Next?

Once you’ve activated your UBITName, you are able to use HUB Student Center (available through MyUB).  In the HUB Student Center you can:

  • Receive timely messages about services and deadlines specific to your needs and interests
  • Register for classess and view your class schedule

The HUB Student Center is used throughout your academic caereer at UB. It is important to remember your UBITName and new password for future reference.

Please be aware that UB expects you to use your UB email and UBIT resources for all academic communication and to be responsible for its use in an ethical and legal manner.

Contact the UBIT Help Center

Have a UBITName? You may also use the UBIT Help Center Online (login required).

(xxx) xxx-xxxx
Use your email ONLY if you have access to it