Activate Your UBITName: Faculty or Staff

1. Gather your UB information

  • Your UBITName - Sent in the New Employee Welcome packet from Human Resources. 
  • One-Time Password - Sent in the New Employee Welcome packet from Human Resources. If blank, contact the UBIT Help Center.
  • Last four digits of your Person Number - Found on your UB Card

2. Log into the UBITName Manager and follow instructions

View step-by-step activation instructions (optional)

1. Enter your UBITName, making sure all letters are lowercase

2. Click Continue

3. Solve the CAPTCHA Security Check

4. Click Continue

5. Enter your three pieces of UB information*:

  • The last four digits of your Person Number
  • The month of your birth in numbers (e.g., January is 01)
  • Your One-Time Password

*Note: If you accidentally log out or disconnect in the middle of the UBITName activation process, contact the UBIT Help Center to get a new One-Time Password so you can try activating again

6. Click Continue

Accept policy and change password.

7. Select Accept the UB Computer and Network Use Policy and click Accept

8. Select Choose a new password

change password.

9. After reading the password requirements, type your new password in the New password field

10. Type your new password again in the Confirm field

  • If your new password did not meet the password requirements, the requirements not met will have an X in front of them.

11. Click Change Password

security questions.

12. Set your security questions and answers (one you create and three from UB) and click Update

13. When you see the UBITName Manager: Home screen, click View and update profile to add or update your password recovery contact information to be used if you forget your password and enter your non-UB email and cell phone number as instructed.

Add or Update contact information.

14. After reading the requirements, type your cell phone number in the cell phone number field, including country code, area code and hyphens, for example 1-716-555-XXXX. The U.S. country code is 1

15. After reading the non-UB email address requirements, type your non-UB email address in the non-UB email address field

16. Click Continue

enter cell phone number and non-UB email address.

17. On the Request summary screen, click Submit. Your information will be updated instantly.

18. When you reach the Request status screen and see your request has been submitted, your UBITName is activated! You are now ready to enjoy all the great services UB offers.

19. To logout, select your UBITName in the top right corner of your screen and click Logout.

You can return to the UBITName Manager at any time to change your UBITName password or manage your security questions, non-UB email for password recovery or cell phone number for password recovery.

3. Associate a personal device with your UBITName