UBIT Policy: Cisco Webex Hosts

Webex videoconferencing is retiring at UB as of November 19, 2021. We recommend using Zoom  or MS Teams for your video and audio conferencing needs.

Category: Information Technology

Responsible Office: IT Customer Service

Responsible Executive: J. Brice Bible, Vice President and Chief Information Officer (VPCIO)

Date Established: October 7, 2019

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The University at Buffalo (UB, university) provides Cisco Webex to current university faculty, staff, and students. Cisco Webex is a web conferencing tool enabling fully interactive video and audio connections. The Cisco Webex Hosts Policy governs the use of UB’s Cisco Webex service.

Policy Statement

The Cisco Webex Hosts Policy governs the use of UB’s Cisco Webex service.  Cisco Webex is a web conferencing application. It hosts online sessions such as: classes, office hours, interviews and other meetings. Cisco Webex functions include, but are not limited to: displaying PowerPoint or other slideshow presentations, annotating slides, allowing participants to present, sharing documents, and polling participants. Participants communicate in real-time using chat, voice (via microphone and speakers), and video (via webcam). Cisco Webex features create an environment similar to a live on-campus classroom experience.

The content presented, distributed, or recorded on Cisco Webex is subject to the applicable policies and guidance documents incorporated by reference below:

The University at Buffalo may, at any time, without prior notice, and at its sole discretion, remove any session or terminate access to content for policy violations.

The use of Cisco Webex signifies agreement to the terms and conditions described in this document and all other applicable university policies. Cisco Webex may be restricted or prohibited if a host or participant is determined to be out of compliance with applicable policies. Cisco Webex hosts and participants are advised to periodically review the most up-to-date version of this policy and other applicable policies. UBIT may, at its sole discretion, modify or revise policies at any time. Cisco Webex hosts and participants must comply with all modifications or revisions to policies and procedures.

Host Accounts and Functionality
University at Buffalo faculty, staff, and students can host sessions on Cisco Webex service. By default, Webex host accounts have:

  • Functionality to host sessions in Training, Meeting, or Event Center.
  • Ability to conduct live audio-conferencing using VoIP.

Hosting Sessions

Hosts are responsible for scheduling and starting sessions, distributing connection information to participants, and all content distributed and recorded in sessions.

  • Hosts are responsible for all content, including conversations, chat sessions, shared files, and other content presented, distributed, and recorded in Cisco Webex sessions. All content must adhere to applicable university polices and guidelines.
  • Although the Cisco Webex system is accessible to individuals with disabilities, it is the hosts' responsibility to provide accessible content in accordance with university policies.
  • Confidential content: Do not record Category 1- Restricted Data or Category 2- Private Data (personally identifiable information) on Cisco Webex.
  • UBIT reserves the right to decide whether content violates polices for reasons such as copyright infringement, pornography, obscenity, or any other reason. UBIT may at any time, without prior notice and at its sole discretion, remove such content and/or terminate a host account for submitting such material in violation of university policies.


  • Hosts determine whether to record sessions.
  • Hosts must notify participants if sessions are being recorded. Attendees can see the session is being recorded by the red indicator at the top of the Cisco Webex window.
  • Hosts are responsible for managing their recordings and relocating them in accordance with the Retention statement (see below).
  • Saved recordings should be moved by the owner to UBbox or the current course capture platform. Once a file or recording is deleted from the Cisco Webex system, it is not recoverable from Cisco Webex.
  • To create a backup, hosts may download recordings by clicking on the “Download” button next to the name of the recording. It is the hosts’ responsibility to maintain backups.

Storage Retention

  • UBIT retains the right to remove content older than 6 months. Service administrators contact hosts to notify them prior to the removal of any recordings.

Service Outage and Other Notifications
Cisco Webex does not guarantee uptime. It is a web-based application hosted externally by Cisco. Periodically, technical issues may arise. Additionally, periodic maintenance for upgrades or other changes may require downtime.

  • Information about routine maintenance and service interruptions can be found on the Webex Global Service page.
  • UB may, at any time, determine not to renew the Webex contract. If this happens, e-mail notification will be sent to your university address at least one month prior to allow you time to archive recordings you may wish to retain and transition to another Web conferencing solution.


This policy applies to Cisco Webex session hosts and participants.


This policy applies to Cisco Webex session hosts and participants.

Event Center

Generally used for hosting large webinars and other events.


Users who have the ability to schedule and conduct sessions on Cisco Webex service.

Meeting Center

Generally used for hosting meetings, small classes, and collaborating on projects.


Users logged into a session who do not serve as host.


Sessions that have been recorded and saved by hosts.


Classes, webinars, meetings or other events held through any Cisco Webex session type.

Session Type

Session types include: training, meeting, event, Cisco Webex teams, or support center.

Training Center

Generally used for delivering interactive online courses or continuing education/certification programs.

Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP)

A common method of conducting audio conferences over the Internet using computers with microphones and speakers or headsets.


Classroom Technology Services

  • Manage the retention and disposition of Cisco Webex session recordings.

Session Hosts

  • Schedule and start sessions; distribute session connection information to participants; and responsible for all content distributed and recorded in sessions.

Session Participants

  • Contact Cisco for just-in-time support for any Cisco Webex issue.

Contact Information

Beth Fellendorf, Webex Service Administrator

Computing Center 104

(716) 645-5526


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