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IT News by Topic: Working at UB

Vice President and Chief Information Officer J. Brice Bible has announced the search for UB’s Director of IT Customer Service.
NOC staff
Anyone who has gotten a UBIT Alert posting or email has seen the invitation to get more information by contacting “the NOC.”  What is this NOC and how does it know so much about what’s happening?
Student at print service counter speaking with a public sites consultant.
CIT is accepting applications for a public sites consultant to provide printing and computing assistance to patrons. Learn more about the position and apply for the job.
Financial system
With zippy reporting and budgeting, UB’s recently upgraded financial system has some new helpful features, with plans for more down the road.
UBIT is pleased to welcome two staff members who joined Network and Classroom Services in March 2014.
Secretary stares ahead, eyes widening, as the realization that she has accidentally deleted a crucial voicemail washes over her like a terrible black ooze.

More than 7,200 voice mailboxes across all three UB campuses are now able to retrieve accidentally deleted messages.


Meet UBIT's five new staff members.


UBIT staff enjoyed tips on maintaining a work/life balance from fall seminars.