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IT News by Topic: Working at UB

UB students, faculty, and staff can now access Gartner's premium online catalog of IT research at no extra cost.
Instructors: thanks to our new "Bring Your Own Device" (BYOD) adapters, it's easier than ever to connect your personal devices to classroom teaching stations.

A new web-based system combines technology, research and predictive analytics to identify and prioritize students who are struggling, in order to help them get on track and Finish in Four.


A new web-based system combines technology, research and predictive analytics to identify and prioritize students who are struggling, in order to help them get on track and Finish in Four.

When providing technical support for a university as vast and multifaceted as UB, it is crucial for an IT department to use some form of project portfolio prioritization—a system meant to ensure that the right projects are being worked on at the right time for optimal fulfillment of university goals.

UB’s Data Center Management Team (DCMT) has made huge strides in increasing long-term security and self-sufficiency by switching from Aperture VISTA, a discontinued third party solution, to OpenDCIM, an open-source solution for data center infrastructure management.


UB Information Technology is excited to welcome several new members to the staff.


The best learning environment isn’t always the classroom…it’s out in the field.   


UB is comprised of many departments operating in unique ways. But there is a common goal across every department: keeping information secure. To accomplish this, UB’s Information Security Office now provides an on-demand scanning tool to assist each school or department understand its potential vulnerabilities.  


If you look at the outside of Hayes Hall, the nineteenth century architectural design dates back to the 1870s, making it one of UB’s oldest buildings However, when you step inside, the cutting-edge technology and modern layout could fool you into thinking that this building was just built.   


Tired of staring at your old, dusty laptop? It’s time to think about spring cleaning and recycling your hoarded junk. But don’t just toss it! You will want to clean off your personal information and consider better options for the afterlife of your product.  


On Wednesday April 13, 2016 from 8:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. in the Student Union Theater, please join the University at Buffalo for the annual Women in STEM cooperative summit. This summit is open all who are interested acknowledging and honoring the many accomplishments of women in STEM in engineering, technology, science and mathematics.   

As of April 15, 2016, SUNY business systems will only work on updated Web browsers, such as Chrome 33, Firefox 34, and Internet Explorer 11 and higher in order to keep your personal information safe. 

From day-to-day operations to strategic planning for UB 2020 and beyond, the constant stream of data flowing into the university is now a crucial part of how our institution works. That’s why a new data governance initiative began in 2015 to determine where our institutional data comes from, who is interpreting it and how it is interpreted.


Staff from the Chief Information Officer Administrative Operations (CIOAO) office, part of UB Information Technology, pulled together to give the residents of local nursing homes presents during December 2015.  


Everyone knows technology is changing the way we work. For Brian Wolff, Associate Director of Athletic Communications at UB, and for the athletes he works with, this change has been profound…but embracing it has opened up a new world of possibilities.   


UBIT is pleased to welcome several new staff members to our team.   

Technology is transforming the way athletes and sports organizations approach their game. At UB, tech in athletics has been a game changer, but marrying these two fast-paced worlds is hardly a simple task.
Tired of staring at your old, dusty laptop? It’s time to think about spring cleaning and recycling your old devices. But don’t just throw it in the garbage: you’ll want to clean off your personal information and find a recycling center.
On Thursday, April 23, 2015 from 8:30 a.m. to 12 p.m., UB will host the Women in STEM Summit in the Student Union.
Preserving and sharing the knowledge of today with the scholars of tomorrow is a crucial part of any learning institution’s mission. UB’s Digital Repository is a free resource for all UB-affiliated scholars to protect and share their research.
Vintage is in, but not when it comes to manual record entry.
IT leaders at UB will come together Wednesday, December 17 for a workshop aimed at exploring new ways of thinking about priorities and creating a competitive advantage in the IT services we offer to students, faculty and staff.
Sometimes we fail to notice the power of technology… until suddenly it’s not there.

During the fall 2014 semester, the email system used by most UB faculty and staff (UBmail Powered by Exchange) will be upgraded from Exchange 2010 to Exchange 2013.  

Vice President and Chief Information Officer J. Brice Bible has announced the search for UB’s Director of IT Customer Service.
Anyone who has gotten a UBIT Alert posting or email has seen the invitation to get more information by contacting “the NOC.”  What is this NOC and how does it know so much about what’s happening?
With zippy reporting and budgeting, UB’s recently upgraded financial system has some new helpful features, with plans for more down the road.
UBIT is pleased to welcome two staff members who joined Network and Classroom Services in March 2014.

More than 7,200 voice mailboxes across all three UB campuses are now able to retrieve accidentally deleted messages.


Meet UBIT's five new staff members.


UBIT staff enjoyed tips on maintaining a work/life balance from fall seminars.